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The course explores existing pine woodland on holes one to five, giving the course a distinctly mature and natural feel at the start of the round. The holes then move into areas which have been carefully yet dramatically shaped to offer both an aesthetically beautiful contribution, and a genuine challenge. This is achieved through a multitude of well-planned hazards, breath-taking views and strategic hole design. The 14th sees the woodland return for the home stretch, built to stand tall against the very best finished in world golf.

Each hole is unique, and at 7,100 yards from the back tees, it will challenge the very best golfers both in terms of their playing ability as well as their approach to the game. Five sets of teeing grounds of varying length allow golfers of all abilities to enjoy Centurion Club’s offering.

Many of the carries and rough areas have been sown using indigenous fescue grasses and occasionally these features have been added across approaches to greens or across fairways giving the course a distinct links feel.

Tees raised well above fairway level provide broad and spectacular views across the landscape; there are some 80 bunkers and four major water features on the course – all of which can be avoided by careful planning.

Undulating bent grass greens provide the very best year round putting surfaces.

– Simon Gidman, Course Architect

Hole 1. Prima Facie (Par 5, 482 yards)

Hole 2. Silvestris (Par 3, 170 yards)

Hole 3. Circa (Par 4, 412 yards)

Hole 4. Agenda (Par 5, 514 yards)

Hole 5. Per Se (Par 3, 164 yards)

Hole 6. Nota Bene (Par 4, 392 yards)

Hole 7. Pro Forma (Par 4, 376 yards)

Hole 8. Ad Hoc (Par 4, 391 yards)

Hole 9. Phobia (Par 5, 488 yards)

Hole 10. Ad Lib (Par 4, 360 yards)

Hole 11. Bona Fide (Par 3, 194 yards)

Hole 12. Hydro (Par 4, 412 yards)

Hole 13. Alma Mater (Par 5, 526 yards)

Hole 14. Caveat (Par 3, 189 yards)

Hole 15. Maximus (Par 5, 482 yards)

Hole 16. Hyper (Par 4, 406 yards)

Hole 17. Mea Culpa (Par 3, 129 yards)

Hole 18. Ad Infinitum (Par 5, 530 yards)